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Chilean miners, off shore drilling and college football

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The ongoing saga of the Chilean miners offer a number of lessons in endurance, faith, hope and, even, American ingenuity. It is an U.S. company that drilled Tunnel B that is going to be used as the escape route for the men.

The coverage has been riveting. CNN deserves praise for its ongoing coverage. On Saturday it stayed on the scene as the saga unfolded. I felt the tension and barely contained excitement and elation when the tunnel reached near the chamber where the men was imprisoned.

Miners everywhere, every day risk their lives. I hope this story has a happy ending for all 33 of the men, though there may be some explaining to do about the girl friends of the men who have wives!

Back to the U.S., today President Obama lifted the moratorium on deep water off shore drilling. I guess the oil industry, lobbyists and others have convinced him the mistakes, errors and omissions of the BP Deepwater Horizon spill  will never be repeated. Yeah, right.

Oil is a finite resource. The nation needs to go on an energy diet, and we need to put our American ingenuity into finding viable, plentiful and non-environmentally sensitive alternatives.

The auto companies are being converted, but electric-powered vehicles are not energy-efficient if you dig behind the plug and find out how the electricity is generated. In a lot of places in the U.S. it is by burning coal.

Kudos to Google for investing in wind. Perhaps some exploration of the hot air in Washington D.C. and state capitals around the country should also be explored.

And how about the Michigan State Spartans thrashing of the University of Michigan Wolverines on Saturday.  Great day for the green and white! Two good teams played a solid, exciting game.



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October 12, 2010 at 8:44 pm

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